Another interest in the comic was the thought, or hope, that others would get a giggle out of it.  No matter how much someone says “I only did it for myself” (lookin’ at you, Mcmasters) deep down we all want a pat on the back and a friendly word.   I want to thank those that gave it a click, and really thank those that gave it a click and a comment.  “Webcomic Pete” definitely had a handful of people who appreciated it and that ain’t no mindless blog chatter!  I would name names but I worry I would leave someone out and then I would think of them and I would feel like shit.  So I won’t do that to myself.  “You know who you are!” he said slyly.

I will be keeping the site active (with long streaks of dormancy) so please check back now and then.  I called it “Mcmasterscomics” and not “WebcomicPete” because I had other things in mind and hopefully I can get them up and running.

Thanks and all the best:  Jerry